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Welcome to Women Express!  Please enjoy our weekly episodes where you will hear women who are using their voices to change the paradigm in women's leadership.  Each show is designed to give you inspiration, tools, ideas building a foundation for you to speak with impact your truth, power and purpose.  Thank you for being here come on Women let's Express!

Oct 14, 2018

In this episode, Denise chats with Renee Stasio "Helping Women Re-vitalize Their Voice ". Renee is a Power House attorney using her voice to advocate for women within the legal process. She believes her success comes from being clear about her clients needs and conveying their needs by speaking from a wholistic perspective, from her heart, and lending her strong voice to represent the interests of her clients and their families. 

Although not yet ranked in Washingtonian’s top Family Law attorney's, Renée has taken many of those lawyers on and prevailed. She believes her excellent litigation skills, her financial acumen, but most importantly, her empathy for and natural inclination to work on behalf of children and Women, is the perfect balance of skills for the family law practice.

Denise and Renee discussed:

  • How powerful women lose their voices during litigation
  • How she prepares to speak to the Judge and by using her 10 point method to convey her message
  • Why it is critical for women to regain their voices to advocate for themselves.
  • How regaining your voice establishes a strong sense of self for Women   

and more…

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