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Welcome to Women Express!  Please enjoy our weekly episodes where you will hear women who are using their voices to change the paradigm in women's leadership.  Each show is designed to give you inspiration, tools, ideas building a foundation for you to speak with impact your truth, power and purpose.  Thank you for being here come on Women let's Express!

Oct 14, 2018

In this episode, Denise shares with Erica Marie Wigley, about it means to transform women's success as a Success Whisperer.  She used her life experiences to shape who she is today, by removing her own self limiting beliefs and moving away from perceptions that silenced her voice. The result was she awaken the Power of her unique DNA, "Her own Story".

It is clear that Erica Marie Wigley is a visionary and trailblazer, as a life coach to Women. Her journey has taken her from a devastating divorce and custody battle to becoming founder of Rise 360 Coaching - Professional Development company. At the core of her life’s journey, she has accepted the call to serve humanity and uplift the lives of those she meets through her inspiration, motivation, and transformation of lives.

Denise and Erica discuss:

  • 4 Key Pillars of Success - the 360 Perspective.
  • What is a Success Whisperer and how Erica's technique will help you.
  • How to Be Authentic and speak your truth in every area of life.
  • How to own your Voice of impact.
  • How to constantly re-evaluate who you are and innovate your presence.
  • How to Win BIG again and again while enjoying your life's purpose.

and more…

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