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Welcome to Women Express!  Please enjoy our weekly episodes where you will hear women who are using their voices to change the paradigm in women's leadership.  Each show is designed to give you inspiration, tools, ideas building a foundation for you to speak with impact your truth, power and purpose.  Thank you for being here come on Women let's Express!

Dec 7, 2018

Women of Color who are Muslims; like the newly elected Legislator from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar, Ibtihaj Muhammad, Nike Pro Athlete Olympic Champion Fencer, are thriving in America and moving to the height of their professions. Overcoming the misconceptions about what it means to be Muslim and a Women of Color in America many are, crushing any perceptions that they are not worthy of the American dream.

Guest, Miriam Karram, was born in America in Southern California to a father who is Palestinian and a mother who is Moroccan. Miriam moved at a young age to Jordan, Dubai and France with her family.  She is moved back to the United States when she was 17. It was when she returned to America that she experienced first-hand racism, a concept that she was not familiar with. It was often hard for her to live with the stares and whispers about her differences. With the encouragement of her mother she always felt that she could achieve her dreams. Conflicted with the realization that there were people that felt she was not someone who was worthy of the American Dream she like many other women of color press on. She discusses how people didn't feel safe around her especially due to perception of Muslims after 911 and how important equality and religious tolerance is what "justice for all" means.

Miriam, feels that that as a strong woman of color and Muslim her voice is essential in the National and Global conversation.  “Our voices and being more visible in the American fabric will make a huge difference for me and all of my contemporaries bringing more richness to the American Dream.”