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Welcome to Women Express!  Please enjoy our weekly episodes where you will hear women who are using their voices to change the paradigm in women's leadership.  Each show is designed to give you inspiration, tools, ideas building a foundation for you to speak with impact your truth, power and purpose.  Thank you for being here come on Women let's Express!

Oct 11, 2019

Susan Burrell, brings us a thought-provoking conversation answering the questions that we all would like to know, “How do you live an empowered life filled with freedom and happiness” Our conversation is rich, peppered with talks of meditations, intention and the how-to’s of living a mindful life.  We take a path to helping you truly see what makes you the authentic you!  Susan will share what it means to become more of a strong capable woman by moving from self-doubt into embracing confidence, an empowered voice and having more choice in your life.

Susan’s new book; Live An Empowered Life is filled with affirmations, tools and exercises that will lead you to a higher, deeper consciousness, one of self-love and transformation. Discover her Inspirational Empowerment Cards as a companion to the book to give you daily affirmations and inspiration as you navigate your 30-Day Journey.